The Winning Edge

How to Win Judgments and Settlements by Moving Faster & Outmaneuvering the Opponent

Fact: Daniel Mestaz wins a lot of cases. The proof is here.

Fact: Clients love and appreciate those results. The proof is here.

Fact: The firm’s proprietary technology is extremely advantageous and critical to victory.

Here is how the firm litigates to win:

Step #1: Master The Documents For Visual Display

Mestaz Law uses the Chron to organize and master the documents early, so that every piece of evidence can be visually displayed.

Step #2: Maximize Leverage

The firm prepares for trial from day one, even if trial never occurs. That trial-readiness often leads to favorable settlements.

Step #3: Walk The Walk

If there is a trial, the firm is prepared and ready. Daniel Mestaz tells a visually compelling, well-paced, memorable story with image after image of evidence that is favorable to the client.

The Chron is a True Competitive Advantage

The Chron is the firm’s secret weapon and the very foundation of its success. It is a proprietary methodology, based on custom programming, that controls state-of-the-art trial presentation software. All of the evidence, whether text, email or something else, is in in chronological order and annotated (e.g., a highlighted sentence from a contract) that can be displayed with a single keystroke or bar code reader. The ability to bring any piece of evidence to life on the screen, no matter how buried in the documents it may have been, makes the client’s story clear, compelling, and memorable. The firm creates and develops the Chron starting on day one. As an evolving, organic document, the firm uses it for everything. Client and witness interviews, hearings, depositions, opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, and closing argument. It catches witnesses in lies or inconsistencies, on the spot and in real time. It is the backbone of the entire case.

The Chron is particularly useful in depositions because the firm can cross-examine witnesses about anything they were involved in, and if they try to lie or mislead, Daniel can quickly bring up evidence that contradicts their testimony. A devastating, videotaped deposition of one’s opponent is the holy grail of trial, particularly in Arizona, where lawyers are free to play deposition highlights for the judge or jury.

The goal in litigation and trial is to be clear, organized, and well-paced. The Chron is the very best tool to accomplish that. Consider the advantages of the Chron and the firm’s consistent, step-by-step approach to litigation.

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